HCG Effective in Eliminating Ugly Fat

HCG Effective in Eliminating Ugly Fat in Obese and Overweight People

HCG can be used to treat many symptoms associated with obesity and excess body fat.

It proves effective in patients with fat in their legs and arms as it relieves painful spasms and improves mobility so that the patients can dress and bathe on their own. HCG is a great help to those patients who have no tolerance to oral anti-spasticity drugs. HCG is also, useful in the treatment of overactive bladder symptoms that are known to be related to multiple sclerosis.

HCG has been FDA approved in the treatment of weight loss due to spine injury or multiple sclerosis. Some patients suffering from obesity tend to develop issues with their vocal cords, known as dysphonia. HCG in minute quantities may be injected directly into the vocal cords for treating the condition.

HCG and Migraine
HCG injections have alleviated pain in cervical dystonia, lower back pain, neuropathic pain, spasticity, bladder pain and even myofascial pain. Botox injections are useful in alleviating migraine headaches. HCG is effective in inhibiting the release or discharge of peripheral nociceptive neurotransmitters. This directly affects the Central Pain Processing System generating headaches associated with migraine.
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 HCG Effective in Eliminating Ugly Fat