Bootcamp Burleigh Heads Teaches Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks – What is it and How to do it?

Jumping Jacks are basically aerobic exercises that help to get the blood flowing. They originate from school gym workouts and are a part of the bootcamp workout in Burleigh Heads. They are a great warm up exercise before doing an extremely intensive boot camp workout, as they loosen the muscles and get more oxygen into the blood flow, getting the body ready for increased activity. Proper warm up before the jacks themselves is necessary, as they include rapid movement, and could cause stretches or cramps, if the body is not entirely ready.

The technique of Jumping Jacks is very important.  – If not done rightly, you may injure yourself, as it includes jumping and the weight could end up on the wrong body part. Or the weight might not get distributed equally due to faulty technique. The right technique is taught at bootcamp in Burleigh Heads which considers jumping jacks as important as any other bootcamp exercises. A typical jumping jack however, includes jumping and pulling your legs apart, while the hands that were kept horizontal at shoulder level, parallel to the floor are made to clap above the head. Variations of jumping jacks include star jacks, single jacks, plank jumping jack, seal jump, tuck jump etc.

Two variations of jumping jacks that are well known and practiced at bootcamp in Burleigh Heads are given below. Trainers will see to it that you do them right.

Plank Jumping Jacks – Be in the Plank pose. That is, lie on your back, and then prop yourself up, so that you are on your palms and toes, and your elbows and knees are straight. The same position as when you are coming out of a push-up. Now push your legs apart in both the, directions, and hop while doing so. Now, hop and bring them back. It is a scissor like movement. Repeat this 30 times. This makes one set. If your bootcamp gets conducted in a park or a natural setting, check if the ground is firm before doing this.

Cross Over Jumping Jacks – Also known as the X jumps, as both your arms and legs cross over each other. Instead of raising your arms, keep them at shoulder level, bring them in front but don’t clap, let one arm cross over the other, only till the form arm region. Similarly with the legs, jump apart, now while bring the feet back, don’t join them, let one foot get a little beyond the other. Alternate the hand and leg that you cross over. Repeat this fifteen times with each arm/leg.

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 Bootcamp Burleigh Heads Teaches Jumping Jacks